#98 the padres – radio station

i woke up this morning with the padres‘ “radio station” playing in my head. it happens every now and then, and since i grew up listening to this song, it’s been for me the quintessential singaporean song of the 90s. the padres was like a supergroup of sorts that included joe ng from corporate toil, patrick chng from the oddfellows, evan tan from opposition party and now of the observatory (how could i forget?), and ben harrison from etc (which i’ve featured here previously), and “radio station” was their first single (i think) released on the bigo singles club. the band also went on to get featured by the late john peel for their subsequent ep what’s your story, an honor by any standards, but for me, nothing beats the pounding urgency of “radio station”, a song reeking of youthful recklessness and abandon, standing for everything that radio promised but could never be.

mp3: the padres – radio station

the photo above was posted by ben harrison on his etc blog


2 responses to “#98 the padres – radio station

  1. You forgot to mention Evan from the Obs. Supergroup ok, don’t pray pray.

  2. oh ya hor!! too many stars already lah…

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