#90 chairlift – bruises/ heavenly – c is the heavenly option

as you’d have realized by now, i’m really interested in what people are waking up to. it’s such a personal question in a way, but it’s also such an intriguing one. mike from nothing but green lights shared recently, on a forum thread i started, that for him it was chairlift‘s “bruises”. turns out it’s also on some of the other music blogs i love, such as taylor’s blog and more recently, said the gramophone. anyway, the song (which happens to feature on the new ipod nano ads) is a delightful twee-pop casiotone duet of silly declarations of love and its awkward results that seem to go just fine together, something that will certainly bring a smile to your face any morning. and since we’re at twee-pop duets, here’s my other favorite one all the way back in 1992 by oxford band heavenly. “c is the heavenly option” is exactly what you think it is – a multiple choice song (that’s probably the only one that i know exists) with some obvious model answers.

mp3: chairlift – bruises

mp3: heavenly – c is the heavenly option

do pop down to the kanine records store to get your copy of chairlift’s does you inspire you album. good luck finding the heavenly one.


4 responses to “#90 chairlift – bruises/ heavenly – c is the heavenly option

  1. mcq and frozen strawberries, what’s there not to like? =D

  2. I am waking up to conner oberst – lenders in the temple.

  3. b: c,c,c,c,c.. is the heavenly option

    justin: i could wake up to the entire “i’m wide awake it’s morning” album. that was my favorite bright eyes record

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