#86 the legends – seconds away

at which point does a pop song cease to be pop? in “seconds away”, the legends push the boundaries of that question through their inverted world of noise. while noise-pop as a genre has existed for ages – elevated to cult status with the legend of c86, and perfected with brutal beauty with jamc – “seconds away” dispenses with the formalities of attempting to blend the two antitheses, instead letting both noise and pop collide in almost suicidal fashion. while it provides no answer to our original question, it does remain a credible statement of intent, a hijacking of the basic two minute pop structure with sheets of blissed out noise bearing an unspoken promise that’s only seconds away.

mp3: the legends – seconds away

the “seconds away” single will be released on labrador on november 5. thanks, cloud hop, for the tip.


2 responses to “#86 the legends – seconds away

  1. i love johan with all my heart. i hope you are a club 8 and acid house kings fan, too!

  2. ah yes of course! especially ahk – “do what you want to do” has got to be one of my favorite pop songs!

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