#85 the piano creeps – hey love

sometimes its the simplest things in life that bring the most lasting smiles to your face. listening to the simplicity of “hey love” summons that exact response, with its thoughtful arrangement of the tinkling piano and gentle guitar laying a perfect backdrop for mary lorson’s vocals. lorson and billy coté are best known for their work in the 90’s with madder rose, and this time they’re joined by multi-instrumentalist kathy ziegler. together as the piano creeps, they have an upcoming album titled future blues (for me and you), a wistful affair that never tries to hard to please, but which still wins you over in its earnestness and composure. when the record hits midway with “hey love” peeking in, you can’t help but let time stop for just that little while. that’s all we all need, really.

mp3: the piano creeps – hey love

future blues (for me and you) will be released on october 10 by the lovely people at the kora records. you may pre-order your copy of the album now from their online store.


One response to “#85 the piano creeps – hey love

  1. I really want to learn to play the piano, do you have any tutorials or know of any?

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