#84 mercury rev – love is pure

so today mercury rev‘s new album snowflake midnight is finally out, and what a refreshing direction it’s taken. while it’ll take many more listens before i start comparing this to their masterpieces like yerself is steam and deserter’s songs, this album strangely melds the unsettling effect of the former with the magical wonder of the latter – tensions best captured in songs like ‘snowflake in a hot world”. one of the new inclusions this time round is the strongly electronic treatment, something explored even further in the free companion album strange attractor. in the album opening “love is pure”, a broken melody seems to be going backwards as its ambient surroundings move forward in a looming thunderstorm that eventually gives way to a new dawn that’s equal parts organic and electronic. it’s as yet a new concoction awaiting refinement, but it’s sure an excitingly promising one.

mp3: mercury rev – love is pure

pop down to the official mercury rev site to sign up and download your copy of strange attractor.


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