#83 radiohead – reckoner (diplo remix)

up to now, there has been no consensus among my friends on radiohead‘s in rainbows, with opinions ranging from brilliant to bore. for me, it was an album i liked and am liking more with each listen. and more than half a year into its release, it’s still very much in everyone’s consciousness, especially with the remix opportunities the band has been offering to the public, first with “nude” earlier in the year, and now with “reckoner”. diplo was among the first few commissioned to remix “reckoner“, and the result is incredibly fun as you would expect of him. initially unrecognizable save for some of the original percussions, the mix moves into a prodigy-like sequence before diplo throws in a surprise beirut sample. listen out for it and marvel at how well it blends back with thom’s falsetto. thanks adrian for the heads-up!

mp3: radiohead – reckoner (diplo mix)


4 responses to “#83 radiohead – reckoner (diplo remix)

  1. In Rainbows was definitely fantastic, imo the best album that Radiohead has released thus far. That being said, this Diplo remix doesn’t do it for me. The dreamlike state that the original invoked is completely lost here. Needless the say, the plot is anything but found.

  2. ah yes you belong very much to the “brilliant” camp. yeah know what you mean, but i guess i always treat remixes with a different mindset, especially with the question – how does the new mix help me view the original material in a new way? for this one, it was just fun seeing it mashed up with beirut’s nantes, something you’d never expect at all.

  3. Brendan Merrick

    I’d be really interested to hear your opinion of my remix. Get back to me if you get the chance?

    P.s. Here’s the link to my remix if you want to give me a vote!!



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