#82 seppuku paradigm – your witness

how do you review a soundtrack for a film you’ve never watched before? as a mercury rev fan, i’m pretty used to that since the rev have always had a cinematic approach to their music (who else records on 35mm?), but it’s still hard trying (not) to connect the song to the film’s narrative in a situation such as this. the film in question is pascal laugier’s martyrs, the controversial horrorshow on child abuse premiered at the cannes film festival this year. it was scored by parisian duo willie and alex cortes, (otherwise known as seppuku paradigm) who composed the film’s main theme “your witness”. the song, taken on its own, is cold and pensive, deliberately atmospheric even to the point of emotional disengagement – in other words, “chill”. but when considered in context of its filmic relation, the coldness becomes brutal and the distance unbearable, though in both ways beautifully executed. and if you thought that to be a tad too morbid for your liking, you might not want to know the duo’s name is inspired by the seppuku (or harakiri) suicide of japanese author yukio mishima. enjoy!

mp3: seppuku paradigm – your witness


2 responses to “#82 seppuku paradigm – your witness

  1. excelente colaboracion, yo lo habia estado buscando no sabes cuanto, ahora puedo disfrutarlo gracias a ti, proximamente lo pondre en mi pagina para que mas personas te visiten y lo tengan, saludos y gracias!

  2. My boyfriend showed me this song and I fell in love with it before watching Martyrs. I watched the movie and now I’m even more in love with Your Witness..

    There was no time to age, it was tough from the start.
    But you’re holding my hand, we’re all that we have.
    I cry when you bleed, and I bleed when you cry. I don’t wanna lie-
    I love what you are.
    I would do anything, give you everything.
    I’ve seen where you’ve been in your eyes.

    Your bruises and cuts, they’re ghosts from the past.
    There’s nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.
    The pain will go away, and slowly I realize,
    I miss you so deeply. I wanna be where you are.

    I will do anything, give up everything.
    I’ve seen through this hell in your eyes.
    Live ’til the day that you die.

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