#80 horse feathers – curs in the weeds

album cover art seldom appears here, usually because the posts are more song-centered rather than focused on the album itself. but for today’s feature on horse feathers, the cover for their recent kill rock stars release house with no name is absolutely pivotal. the subject of the photograph references the album title, but is no mere visual translation of it. the ghosted image from a second exposure, the washed out whites, the one-sided vignettes and the overhanging vines – while sitting well in the overall dreamy feel of the photograph, also add to it elements of subtle interventions. the empty signifier in the “house with no name” suddenly weighs more heavily under the baggage of these elements, making for much less comfortable viewing. album opener “curs in the weeds” mirrors that representational affect, with its sparseness giving way under its own weight and tipping to the side every time justin ringle’s measured lyrics coincides with peter and heather broderick’s swelling strings, and it’s in each overflowing movement that the true beauty of the song emerges and remains in its hauntingly residual image.

mp3: horse feathers – curs in the weeds

house with no name is out now on kill rock stars. get your copy here!


3 responses to “#80 horse feathers – curs in the weeds

  1. so true, everything you said

  2. ‘Curs in the Weeds’ is lovely. ‘A Burden’ is my favourite track though, the strings are absolutely beautiful.

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