#79 blur – popscene

i was talking to b today when she asked what got me started on music, and there could only be one answer to that – blur. the expanding, bloating and later self-imploding brit-pop scene was what i was immersed in at that time, rooted in a culture that was anything but my own. in 1992, “popscene” was all prepped to be blur’s first single in a year and due to usher in their modern life is rubbish album, but in a case of bad timing and even more atrocious press, it failed so miserably that the band took it off the album. “if you didn’t f**king want it in the first place, you’re not going to get it now”, quipped now-estranged guitarist graham coxon. and so “popscene” became blur’s lost single. some might have regarded it a pity, but i think leaving an explosive, blaring gem like this under the covers might just have been the best thing to do, a testament to the contradictions and ironies of our music industry today, perfectly hidden for every new fan to stumble upon.

mp3: blur – popscene


2 responses to “#79 blur – popscene

  1. if memory serves, there used to be a club in san francisco called ‘popscene’ named, of course, after this song.

    nice to see some love for the older stuff. i think this is one of blur’s finer songs, lost single or otherwise. the video is nuts!

  2. haha you know i very nearly named this blog popscene as well!

    and i noticed the new tracy jacks header too!

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