#76 banjo or freakout – archangel (burial)

what do joy division and burial have in common? and how about banjos and freakouts? if you’re starting to feel a little disoriented, don’t worry as that’s exactly what’s going through in my head right now as i listen to banjo or freakout‘s cover of burial‘s “archangel”. banjo or freakout is the schizophrenic moniker of london-based alessio natalizia from turin, who’s been making dissonant waves lately resembling a more freewheeling atlas sound. in his version of “archangel”, there is indeed both banjo and freakout working in distracting tandem with each other. while the vocals seem to mimic will bevan’s original dream-like verses, another wedge is thrown into the equation in the form of a cynically placed percussion that sounds almost entirely lifted from joy division’s “atrocity exhibition”, except mixed even lower than the original opener of closer. the results are surprisingly coherent, considering the melding of two badly-guised covers that strangely enough sticks together in one hazy fog.

mp3: banjo or freakout – archangel (burial cover)


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