#73 the sand band – just like anything

even on their website, it’s admitted almost sheepishly that the sand band is “a strange ensemble about which very little is known”. what i can tell you is the band is fronted by david mcdonnell who had a stint playing for fellow liverpudians the coral, and has an upcoming ep called the secret chord to be released at the end of the month on happy parts recordings. from how the ep sounds, it seems their brand of folk is closer to the sleepy beatlesque pop of their hometown heroes than the drunken melancholy of leonard cohen as would the ep title suggest. on the sparsely furnished cover of jackson c. frank’s “just like anything”, mcdonnell unveils verse after verse of lazy afternoon musings which bounce gently off a pristine guitar plucking. it sounds just right, and as he reminds you, it’s a state of mind.

mp3: the sand band – just like anything


2 responses to “#73 the sand band – just like anything

  1. That Jackson Frank cover is great. real nice.

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