#71 brass bed – olivia

one of my newest discoveries of the year is louisiana band brass bed, with their debut self-released album midnight matinee out tomorrow. it’s a record that’s as nostalgic as it’s forward looking, building upon a variety of influences past and present in forging a distinct new sound to call their own, one that effortlessly crosses genre in weaving together tales and anecdotes of lives and loves. my favorite track at the moment is the glorious “olivia”, a close-to-perfectly crafted pop song that coincidentally reminds me of an early olivia tremor control in its tight delivery, sweet harmonies and irresistible hooks, best served on a sunny morning following the pleasant wake up call of “intro to tony”.

mp3: brass bed – intro to tony

mp3: brass bed – olivia

stay tuned for an exclusive “i’m waking up to…” interview with the band next week!


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