#68 ponytail – celebrate the body electric

baltimore art-punk band ponytail‘s latest album title ice cream spiritual aptly sums up what their music sounds like: incredibly fun and playful while transcendent in an unashamedly childlike manner. ordinarily, that sounds like a combination that could go awfully wrong, like your 8 year old son attempting a jackson pollock on your new wall. but ponytail has a way of bringing together and accomplishing experimentation with fun, improvisation with structure, and melody with noise. in “celebrate the body electric”, a pounding tribal beat is danced around by waves of dissonant noise and supercharged punk melodies, with moments of soft introspection almost always disrupted too soon by explosive sequences of madness. the sub-lyrical and deeply primordial vocal calisthenics of lead singer molly siegel are unintelligible at best, demonstrating how inconsequential decipherable meaning is relative to the band’s broader schema of a free-flowing pop-punk romp through your freshly painted apartment.

mp3: ponytail – celebrate the body electric (it came from an angel)

as always, baeble music has faithfully and excellently captured their recent concert at the music hall of williamsburg. do check it out here.


2 responses to “#68 ponytail – celebrate the body electric

  1. reminds me of that crazy taiwanese band, the shine&shine&shine&shine. just saying their name makes me laugh! fun =)

  2. hey b: ) oh yeah they were the ones who played right after leeson right? totally missed it…

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