#67 justice – planisphere (final)

what catapulted french duo justice to such astronomical heights has to be undoubtedly their wicked mix of crunching dance beats, fat basslines and a generous dose of heavy metal, something which has come to characterize a distinctly recognizable “justice” sound today. since their phenomenal album last year, the band has been heavily touring, and was most recently responsible for mixing the soundtrack to the dior homme summer show this year. they have since been working on a studio version which is now called “planisphere” and split into four parts. the last segment, titled “planisphere (final)” is a new inclusion to that mix that leans even more heavily on their rock roots, where the familiar dark synths and haunting beats take a backseat to a truly excessive guitar solo. it’s everything you knew justice was capable of producing, now finally ready to raise the temperatures in every sweaty, grimy dancefloor.

mp3: justice – planisphere (final)


2 responses to “#67 justice – planisphere (final)

  1. hi daniel , for more filthy heavy dance music i recommend exploring the Belgian New Beat sound of the late 80’s and early 90’s , especially the group “Lords of Acid”. Check this out : http://www.fileden.com/files/2008/4/25/1883070/09%20Lords%20of%20Acid%20-%20I%20Sit%20on%20Acid.mp3

  2. wow ikram that’s downright dirty! thanks for the tip… heard from thomas you’re off to play in NY end of the year – awesome!

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