#64 kristoffer ragnstam – swing that tamborine

as swedish musician kristoffer ragnstam shares with our readers, the song he’s waking up to now is “acid food”, taken off mogwai‘s mr beast album. it’s funny he’s chosen the least noisy song from that album, going for the finely laid out textures on the song over the denser sound we all know mogwai for. in a way, his new album wrong side of the room, just released by the friendly guys at bluhammock music, is just as counter-intuitive. while his swedish pop counterparts consistently exude their typical coolness in delivery, ragnstam chooses instead to have as much fun as he wants, even to the brink of being unfashionable. “swing that tamborine”, for example, begins with such earnestness you wonder if this guy’s for real. but it wastes no time in winning your heart over when the light, if naive, opening makes way for an exuberant singalong party which finally ends in a dreamy car ride home.

mp3: kristoffer ragnstam – swing that tamborine


2 responses to “#64 kristoffer ragnstam – swing that tamborine

  1. good call on this one. i’ve been enjoying him the last week or two!

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