#63 lou reed – caroline says, pt II (live)

when i watched julian schnabel‘s film of lou reed‘s berlin earlier this year at the singapore international film festival, it was the first time i had listened to berlin in its entirety, performed live with full symphony and choir at st ann’s warehouse in brooklyn. i guess it’s probably the best way to get acquainted with reed’s masterpiece, a concept album revolving around the downward spiraling relationship between the protagonist jim and his lover caroline, set in berlin which was for reed a “metaphor for human dischord”. the soundtrack will be released october 21 by matador, and one of the tracks they’ve made available is “caroline says, pt II”, a treatise into the psyche of the abused caroline enveloped in a subtle but movingly emphatic string section. the biting cold of caroline’s aloneness, as she puts her fist through the windowpane, confronts you head-on as antony hegarty‘s choral accompaniment trembles along with reed’s own pained retelling of the story.

mp3: lou reed – caroline says (pt II)


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