#62 etc – astrogal

made-in-singapore band etc‘s “astrogal” begins with a roar and ends in a state of heavenly bliss, but in between the temperatures keep rising and the tensions keep building as it heads skywards. at the heart of this space odyssey, though, is a plot that couldn’t be more down to earth, and when the self-proclaimed astroboy starts weaving his tale of urban alienation and the paradoxes of a wrecked up love, you can’t help but join him in his ambitious but ill-fated quest. it’s not the prettiest trip, but when it’s hijacked midway by guitars swirling out of orbit, you can sure bet on a ride that heads for the stars.

mp3: etc – astrogal

etc plays a “hastily-scheduled singapore gig” this saturday at prince of wales, 101 dunlop street, little india.


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  2. Etc’s next Singapore concert
    Sunday, November 30, 2008 8:45pm – 9:30pm
    Esplanade Outdoor Theatre

    Etc crosses the Causeway to celebrate the non-release their album ‘Chinese Democracy Etc’ – an already-fabled, off-the-cuff masterpiece that Axl Rose selfishly doesn’t want to see the light of day.

    The Etc duo of Ben & Harvey recorded their album live and fast. Two musicians, one afternoon and no earphones. The plan was to release it immediately.

    Etc’s quick recording session was in stark contrast with those of a famous American act who spent years working on a similarly-titled record that has since been released (after Etc announced their title)

    This will be the last date of the Etc’s brief ‘November Reign’ tour of the Peninsula.

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