#61 times new viking – call and respond

interpellation, as formulated by louis althusser, refers to the act of calling a subject into being. we, then, become subjects when we’re hailed by ideology and respond to it. in that way, music subjectifies us too, not only on the level of identification with common themes and content, but also by the very direct way in which it addresses to us and demands a response that we’re usually all too willing to give. and on yet another level, there’s the music that self consciously attempts that while simultaneously talking about it, like the velvet underground’s “i heard her call my name”, a personal favorite of mine. some forty years later, we have times new viking‘s “call and respond”, a noise-punk gem that bleeds less than its VU predecessor but coughs more in the sick haze it’s created for itself. i’m still coughing, so i guess this works.

mp3: times new viking – call and respond


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