#60 man man – whalebones

previously, i featured man man‘s “van helsing boombox”, the vaudevillian chorus off their previous album which prompted me to order a copy of their new album rabbit habits. that album, as i’ve gathered through repeated listens, has a tremendously schizophrenic character, hopping from one end of the emotional spectrum to the other, from frantic and frenzied, to woeful and downcast. and its on a more subdued bluesy note that the album ends, with the drunkard staggering of “whalebones”. there’s a running atmosphere of world-weariness and resignation here that’s neatly summed up with the female choral refrain of “who are we to love at all”. this isn’t so much what i’d wake up to than it is something i’d play on those dull, late evenings i don’t wish to be spending with anyone in particular.

mp3: man man – whalebones


2 responses to “#60 man man – whalebones

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  2. czech it yo.

    i’m a student filmmaker and huge man man fan so i had to do this.

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