#58 animal collective – for reverend green (live)

my favorite track by animal collective on last year’s strawberry jam album was “for reverend green”, a song that shuffled from one moment to the next with unrivaled intensity. one thing i could never figure out, though, was who this reverend green person was (not that it was very crucial to my liking of the song), but playing cluedo yesterday for the first time revealed everything, a small revelation big enough to warrant a humble post. the version for download here is from their live set at neumo’s in seattle a year before the album was released (courtesy of brian connolly), which gives us a peek into an expanded delivery of the song, loose ends and all. what i loved about the studio version was its gripping ability to pack everything in, but this live dabbling is a treat of another sort, standing its own as a document of a great work in progress.

mp3: animal collective – for reverend green (live)


3 responses to “#58 animal collective – for reverend green (live)

  1. i wld’ve guessed rev. al green… ahahaha

  2. I would have guessed Al Green, maybe? Although this would ultimately be the most bizarre dedication song ever. But then again, it IS Animal Collective.

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