#56 young lords – how it goes

it’s almost 5am and i’m just back from supper and a great time of just chilling and catching up. can’t beat that i guess, though i really don’t know what time my day’s gonna start. but that’s just how it goes, yeah? speaking of which, up and coming new york band young lords have busy working on their debut album rodeo songs out this october 7, and one of the highlights of that very enjoyable album is coincidentally (yeah right, that’s how i planned it) called “how it goes”. kicking off urgently with a beatlesque intro, the band unleashes a cocky swagger in good ol’ rock and roll fashion. i grew up listening to nothing but 90s britrock, and i’ve got a feeling young lords did as well, and i’m comforted to know that all of that – the unmistakable hooks, singalong choruses and anthemic statements – still finds its way into music today. call me a sentimentalist, but that’s how it goes.

mp3: young lords – how it goes


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