#55 yeasayer – red cave

how often do we say thanks to the people that care most about us? i know i don’t do that very much, but from the heart-to-heart talk we just had, i’m really thankful for the friends i have, who share a real stake in each others’ lives. so too was brooklyn’s yeasayer, who take an unexpected detour on “red cave”, the last song of their stunning debut all hour cymbals album with a heartfelt mention to the family and friends who they deeply care for. some of you may remember that as the song they performed on the metro in paris and the spontaneous party that simply emerged. if only our gratitudes were as free-flowing as that. well if yeasayer can do it, so can you.

mp3: yeasayer – red cave


One response to “#55 yeasayer – red cave

  1. :)
    red cave. totally!
    all the songs are growing onto me
    love them
    thanks again dude

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