#54 larytta – ya-ya-ya

with so much happening on the dance/ electronica scene these days, it’s hard finding the stuff that really stands out. i’ve been listening to yacht‘s “the summer song” for quite a while now, undecided on whether to feature it, especially after the airplay they’ve been getting after signing with dfa. while it remains an enjoyable fling this season, there’s still much room for yacht to grow and mature. i’ve also been wanting to post on lindstrøm‘s new album where you go i go too, but it works so well as a whole it doesn’t make sense extracting any section from it. larytta, on the other hand, have a self-contained package bursting with fun, accessibility and creativity in their single “ya-ya-ya”, taken off their ironically titled upcoming album difficult fun. released on creaked records, the swiss duo’s effort is a laudable one that contains both the pop sensibilities of hot chip as well as a joyous spirit of adventure and experimentation that accounts for the countless meanders and several surprises all packed into one refreshing tribal electronica trip.

mp3: larytta – ya-ya-ya


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