#52 mrs kipling – lonely goatherd

one of the things i did today which i never planned to do was watch the sound of music, and i never thought i’d enjoy as much as i did. that prompted me to dig up my old bring on bull compilation featuring indiepop bands covering the sound of music songs, the proceeds of which went to organizations like the anti-nazi league, anti-fascist action, youth against racism in europe and the anti-racist alliance (!!!). the album was quite a mixed bag of demo-quality material, but one track that stood out for me was mrs kipling’s version of “lonely goatherd”. i have no idea who mrs kipling is, but she/they sure had something going with this recording, complete with yodeling of course.

mp3: mrs kipling – lonely goatherd


One response to “#52 mrs kipling – lonely goatherd

  1. “i have no idea who mrs kipling is”

    Well, me and some other more talented people. Our singer was Kirsty McGee who is currently doing well on the folk scene and has albums you can buy on Amazon and everything.

    I’m still doing cutiepop in Sheffield in a band called The Parallelograms.

    Jamie, Julian and Adam all left Sheffield and are now scattered hither and yon doing who knows what.

    Glad you like our version of Lonely Goatherd. I haven’t listened to it for ages but you’ve inspired me to dig it out when I get home tonight.

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