#51 the arcade fire – no cars go

just now i nearly got knocked down by a cab for the second time this week, and i hate to generalize but there’s something seriously wrong with the way they’re driving. i’m usually rather sympathetic to the long hours cab drivers spend on the road and the meager earnings they take, but honestly that’s no excuse for irresponsible driving. alright mood shift, shift back to good again – i think i’ll be a lot happier living in a place where no cars go, and it seems only the arcade fire know where it is. if there’s one thing win butler and company are best at doing, it’s their rousing anthems (like “wake up”), and “no cars go” is the perfect stirring rally to an unknown utopia “between the click of the light and the start of the dream”. appearing first on their debut ep, the boisterous original was re-recorded and released on neon bible in a more polished state. here are both versions for you, for each time this week i really wished i could have been there.

mp3: the arcade fire – no cars go (ep version)

mp3: the arcade fire – no cars go (neon bible version)


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