#50 the botticellis – table by the window

sometimes the best music is found amongst the most unassuming. san francisco band the botticellis released their solid debut album old home movies earlier this year to little fanfare, but the quality of their work is beginning to surface as the hype of their peers simmer a little. this week, they let out an extended take of one of their album tracks, “table by the window” on a limited 7″, the first release of new label bellevue records. it isn’t the kind of song that stands out right away, but warms up to you with each listen on the merit of its earnest immediacy and wistful nostalgia. i’m not sure how much bigger the botticellis will be a year from now, but i’m convinced they’ll be nestled comfortably in the warm pristine sound they’ve carved out neatly for themselves. that can only be a good thing.

mp3: the botticellis – table by the window (alternate version)


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