#49 aspidistrafly – moonlight shadow

the album i’ve been listening to most this week is aspidistrafly‘s i hold a wish for you, released last month on their own kitchen label. a beautifully crafted record that communicates on varying levels of consciousness, it pieces together fragments of meticulously arranged field recordings and lovingly sculpted soundscapes in what emerges as an evocative, otherworldly experience. the partnership of ricks and april is held in delicate balance, and likewise the ongoing dialog between the processed and the organic. in “moonlight shadow”, that dialog proceeds through a seemingly endless overlapping of various elements that drift in and out of each other like waves continuously reshaping a shoreline, making for an immensely rewarding listen.

mp3: aspidistrafly – moonlight shadow

catch aspidistrafly live at the asylum (22 ann siang road) this saturday, 23 aug at 3pm. do also check out their performance of “moonlight shadow” at driftnet last year, as well as mark’s great review of their debut gig from almost five years ago.

copies of their album (in a 6 fold hardcover photobook) are available at their website.


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