#44 lykke li – dance dance dance

sometimes the best way to decide if a new act is worth your attention is by watching them live. that’s not always easy when you’re living in gig-starved singapore like me, so websites like baeble music that feature live videos of emerging bands are very much welcome. baeble’s latest post is new swedish sensation lykke li‘s set in the bowery ballroom in new york, an intimate affair which opens with “dance dance dance”, a song taken off her newly released debut album youth novels. while the album version exercises much control in keeping everything distinct and minimal, with the clean bassline and sparse percussions clearing the way for lykke’s breathy vocals, its live counterpart allows her to emerge from her measured shyness with a brief but precious glimpse of her uninhibited showmanship, with what had been björn yttling’s (from the young folks peter björn and john) freeform saxophone solo replaced too by lykke’s own kazoo. very, very lovely indeed.

mp3: lykke li – dance dance dance


4 responses to “#44 lykke li – dance dance dance

  1. i’ve been sporting a massive crush on lykke li the last little while. great post!

  2. thanks matt! haha i think you’re not the only one: )

  3. She seems to be a good performer. Her self-confidence is impressive. I agree that watching new acts live will make you decide if they are good or not. :)

  4. yeah, me too. i saw her this past spring, supporting el perro del mar, and lykke li completely stole the show. she’s coming back here in november, i can’t wait to catch her again.

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