#41 crystal castles vs health – crimewave

ok, so i might as well complete my job reviewing the “crystal” bands. crystal castles is actually the name of an atari 2600 game, and coincidentally, i had an atari 2600 console as a kid (although indy 500 was my favorite game). perhaps the atari reference isn’t too inappropriate considering the treatment crystal castles gave to “crimewave”, the rowdy, headache-inducing track off health‘s self titled debut album released last year. while the original was a brief but densely packed two minutes of pounding beats and dissonant punk complete with a rotting stench, the reworking of it with crystal castles is quite a different animal, sounding as if made for a new atari soundtrack, distilling some core elements of the song and adding bleeps and bloops of their own. it’s hard to explain, but the more i listen to the remix, as irresistibly danceable it is, the more i find myself returning to the raw energy of the original.

mp3: health – crimewave

mp3: crystal castles vs health – crimewave


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