#39 the apples in stereo – can you feel it?

yesterday eugene forwarded me what he described as the “mild disturbing, highly funny” rain danceoff in the colbert report. somehow from there, i stumbled onto the recent appearance by the apples in stereo in the same show, performing the opening track from their latest album new magnetic wonder. i haven’t been listening to the apples for the long time, ever since their incredibly enjoyable tone soul evolution from a decade ago, having been drawn more to their elephant six contemporaries like the neutral milk hotel and olivia tremor control. but frontman robert schneider (no, not deuce bigalow) had always been a central figure to these more “experimental” bands through his distinct production for them, and his insatiable thirst for moulding the perfect pop track continues here in “can you feel it?”, a four minute pop gem packed to the brim with everything the apples can throw at you from 60s pop harmonies to 80s synth vibes, and even some cowbell. i gotta have more cowbell, baby.

mp3: the apples in stereo – can you feel it?


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