#36 bob dylan – like a rolling stone (live)

i don’t usually talk about the photos i use for each entry, but this one is a personal favorite of a freewheelin’ bob dylan taken by rock & roll photographer jim marshall, from the proof collection my friends got me for my birthday this year. dylan had spotted a discarded tire while walking down seventh avenue in greenwich village, and marshall was quick enough to catch this single shot with a morning haze acting to filter the light. anyway, i finally caught murray lerner‘s the other side of the mirror this week, the film which traces dylan’s newport folk festival performances from a young starlet blowin’ in the wind in 1963 to his controversially ill-received electric statement in 1965, and found myself staring into the vacuum of his eyes in the confrontational close-up footage of his performance of “like a rolling stone”. the version i’m attaching here, though, is from a year later at the manchester free trade hall, an impetuous retort to his accuser’s allegation of “judas” which shows dylan at his arguably most electrifying.

mp3: bob dylan – like a rolling stone (live)


3 responses to “#36 bob dylan – like a rolling stone (live)

  1. The best song of all time in my opinion. Nothing will ever beat it.

  2. i can’t agree more!

  3. Re the photo: Whiskey Park in Boston has this photo on the wall in the side bar and I’ve taken a photo of this photo.
    I always refer to this photo as Bob Dylan’s ‘Like A Rolling Tire’.
    Re the track: Fantastic, timeless and so definitive about what was happening then.

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