#34 de la jolie musique – bender

years after the 60s garage band count five split, the ghost of their hit “psychotic reactions” got revived in imaginary terms by lester bangs. decades later, their legacy gets invoked again, this time by up-and-coming french indiepop collective de la jolie musique (literally, “of the pretty music”) in “bender”, the a-side of their recently self-released safari 7″. but it’s not only the count five who get woken from their slumber – so too are the scattered remnants of the living and the dead, from the tropicalia-rock of os mutantes to the pop-chic of stereolab and even a strangely familiar grunge riff lifted off nirvana. i can probably go on picking out what i think i’m hearing, but i won’t spoil all the fun for you. all i’ll say now is this track is a lot more than simply the sum of its parts.

mp3: de la jolie musique – bender


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