#29 the pains of being pure at heart – everything with you

one of mozart’s most famous works is “seranade no. 13 for strings in g minor”, or more commonly known as “eine kleine nachtmusik” (literally, “a little night music” in german). i’m sure you’ve heard it before. well, some of you have mentioned to me that a lot of the music featured here isn’t exactly music you’d wake up to. that’s true in a way, since i’ve used the blog title a lot more loosely to encompass anything i’ve been listening to lately. it’s also of course a tribute to one of my favorite bands belle and sebastian, who’ve released an ep called i’m waking up to us. anyway, i reckon there’s room to occasionally feature music i’d really wake up to, and i’ve decided to hijack mozart’s title to call this series [eine kleine morgenmusik]. first up is this delightfully fuzzy pop tune by the pains of being pure at heart, a sunny side up with lots of pepper on top.

mp3: the pains of being pure at heart – everything with you


4 responses to “#29 the pains of being pure at heart – everything with you

  1. i’m undecided on this one. – ephemera

  2. haha yeah! it’s a very dated, jesus-and-mary-chain sound, which definitely isn’t everyone’s cup of (morning) tea: )

    maybe i’m getting old.

  3. i like these guys quite a bit. most definitely got the whole J&MC/early-MBV vibe going on, which for me is an excellent vibe.

    the pains of being young heart were SotD #254. :) great minds think alike…or maybe just listen to the same music…

    at any rate, great choice — it’d not heard this particular song of theirs before.

  4. both i’m sure: )

    wow i had no idea you featured them too! you’re right about the early mbv, which also reminds me to dig up my old “isn’t anything” which has sadly lived a life too long under the shadows of loveless

    but yeah anyway this one’s from their upcoming 7″ : )

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