#27 portishead – small

my portishead third album has been lying around for months, a victim of owner neglect save for a couple of background listens. but what’s a couple of months of dormancy if this has been a record more than ten years in the making? tonight seemed like the right evening to give it a real spin, and i’m convinced if a decade is what it takes for this band to compose itself for an album that doesn’t merely reproduce the genre it arguably kickstarted, then so be it. while third should really be listened to as a whole, “small” is an undeniable highlight in it that rewards your patience with a generously expanding soundscape that ebbs and flows with impeccable timing, eventually leaving you hanging at the cliff thirsting for more.

mp3: portishead – small


3 responses to “#27 portishead – small

  1. totally agree, although i’d have to say “machine gun” is my fave track, so far. sweet blog, btw ^_^

  2. thanks! i like “machine gun” too: ) i think it’s the most intense and engaging track in the album. the beats drive me crazy!

  3. I know this post is quite old, but I am just forced to say that am totally in love with “the rip”. I’ve listened to “machine gun” too and I like it too but “the rip” just feels magical.

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