#25 mercury rev – snowflake in a hot world

another band with an upcoming release this september is mercury rev with their new album snowflake midnight. although i started listening to them at the surprisingly sweet deserter’s songs, what i really like is their earlier work which was full-on noise and melody in unequal parts (in which way i cannot say – they were delightfully unpredictable that way). sadly, i haven’t enjoyed their later releases as much, especially the frustratingly new-agey secret migration. that’s why my only lament for their otherwise perfect concert at the esplanade last year was probably the absence of all pre-deserter’s material. what made up for it was the introduction of two new songs, one of which was “snowflake in a hot world”. now featuring as the new album opener, this curious melding of old school psych-fairy tale with out-of-place electronic beats is blowing both hot and cold for me, but i’ve come to accept that as a necessary part of mercury rev. i’ll tell you some time later which way this one finally goes. or perhaps tonite it’ll show.

mp3: mercury rev – snowflake in a hot world


3 responses to “#25 mercury rev – snowflake in a hot world

  1. great minds think alike!

  2. I came to Rev’s new album with some trepidation, but I find myself liking it more than, say, the new, equally expansive, Flaming Lips.

    Mercury Rev fans have been split about their forays in to electronica/beats since See You On The Other Side. I thought it was a pretty bold move on their part to bridge one of the few remaining gaps of musical influence they had yet to touch.

    Snowflake Midnight is a pretty album that successfully grounds the dreaminess of their last couple of releases with the addition of those electronic bells and whistles. Unfortunately, they can’t compete with groups like MGMT and Animal Collective, who, like Mercury Rev in the early 1990’s, have created some amazing sounds in the midst of the lameness of the early 2000’s music scene.

    • As a Rev fan I’ve been pretty split myself about everything they’ve done since yerself is steam, even when there’s clearly something magical in each one of their albums (except the secret migration, which remains my least favorite album of theirs heh)

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