#22 man man – van helsing boombox

i love whistling songs (high on the list: andrew bird‘s “a nervous tick motion to the head”. nobody whistles better than him.) and i can’t explain why. whatever it is, when i heard the first whistles on man man‘s appearance in the latest issue of la blogothèque‘s the take-away shows, i got really interested. i happen to love the take-away shows a lot too (also high on the list: the elevator sequence for the arcade fire, the staircase orchestra for beirut, and the metro sing-a-long party for yeasayer). by the end of the man man episode, i had placed an order for their latest album rabbit habits released earlier this year on anti-. oh, and for that first take-away show song they did? it’s an older song called “van helsing boombox”, a little paradox with a big heart that’s got a bit of something for everybody to have.

mp3: man man – van helsing boombox


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