#16 forest fire – i make windows

catbird records is “a boutique indie label specializing in limited- and short-run releases”, the latest of which is forest fire‘s full length album survival. following the steps of radiohead and more recently, girl talk, survival is offered as a download for a “pay as you wish” price. as the album opener, the free-flowing folk of “i make windows” is at once beautiful and dissonant, never trying to hard to please, but also never too dull to let go.

mp3: forest fire – i make windows


2 responses to “#16 forest fire – i make windows

  1. Nice new band this. Wonder is anyone paying for the album though?

    (Noticed your topic on elbo.ws, i was the first to reply. I’ll add your blog to my blogroll section!)

  2. i guess that’s one of the many hurdles a new band faces… doesn’t look like a viable model in the long run, but it sure helps in getting good publicity.

    thanks for the blogroll! your site looks great and i must add yours too: )

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