#08 spiritualized – don’t hold me close

ladies and gentlemen, we’re floating in space again. jason pierce, the spaceman of spiritualized, can pull off anything from gospel freakouts to lullabies in space, but i like him best totally broken and damaged. don’t hold me close, taken off his latest album songs in A&E, is the simplest of songs that conveys with raw emotion the stark reality of inevitable separation. even with the glimmer of hope offered in the sweet, unknowable future, each heartache resounds with every crackle of pierce’s breaking voice and broken soul.

… and maybe time will just make a sweetheart of you

mp3: spiritualized – don’t hold me close


5 responses to “#08 spiritualized – don’t hold me close

  1. shafaa here lah. omg, i totally came to this blog of yours when i blogsearched mono + zouk haha! LOVESIT!!

  2. woah! just started this not too long ago, and thought it’ll be cool if people stumbled upon it. tell yer friends!

  3. of course!

    btw, obviously, i <3 this song…

  4. i love the whole album! so much better than the last one…

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